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Important News Clipping 82nd Airborne August 24 year unknown 

The article reads BERLIN AUG 24.

The famous 82nd Airborne (All American) Division has taken over the duties of the occupation force for the United

States Zone in Berlin, replacing the Second Armored Division. The 82nd contains men from all the 48 states of the

Union and from 388 cities and towns. The Division participated in the campaigns of Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, the Ardennes

and Central Europe.  Twenty-seven men in the Division from Columbus as listed by the Army include:

Capt. Albert Trefny Jr 1451 Neil Ave., Pvt. Joe L Tabowitz, 609 S 22nd St., Sgt. Ralph D Link, 422 S Richardson Ave., PFC David H Schaffer, 439 E Mound St., Cpl. Harry C Miller, 594 Clark Ave., PFC Harry G Sowers, 230 W 1st Ave., Pvt. Joseph W Gygi, 377 W Cherry Drive, PFC Joseph J Danter 2626 S 5th St.

S/Sgt Joseph P McMahon 456 Stoddart Ave.,  Pvt Donald G Bandy 548 Hampton Road, T/Sgt Oris F Weaver 1512 Parsons Ave., PFC James R Bro, 2016 Denunne Ave, Cpl. James D Schaffner 174 12th Ave., Pfc. Paul L Davis 333 E Kosuth St..  S/Sgt. Richrad Lonsdale Wikinson 255 Avondale Ave., Sgt. Joseph L Cassidey 253 E Kossuth St, S/Sgt .Richard Lonsdale Wilkinson 253 Avondale Ave., Sgt. Joseph L Cassidey 253 E Maynard Ave., Cpl. Victor C Salome, 128 E Brickel St.

Pvt. Larry B Bukey 144 E Maynard Ave., Pvt. Earl R Rife 967 E Fulton St., T/SGT. LLoyd F Cornwell, 982 1/2N High St. Cpl. Jack L Bomer, 34 E Tulane Road, Sgt Danie Tonequzzo 801 E Third Ave.,  PFC Joseph E Sabo, 317 Barthman Ave., S/Sgt Earl W Shepard, 250 S Burgess Ave., S/Sgt Carrroll C Carter 2394 Indiana Ave.,  Pfc. James M Grubb 19 N Skidmore Street, Cpl. Eugene G Colburn 434 Thurman Ave.