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This is an important photo as we can clearly see the screaming eagle on his uniform.

He also appears to have a sergeant stripe.  He has his paratrooper wings and some campaign

buttons and one of the buttons has three arrows.  It also looks like he as the distinquised

unit citation on the right breast.  He has grown a mustache.  This is not an early photo on his



7A Home on  leave April 1943

These pictures were taken on my first time home since I had been in the service.

Which was the first week  of April had seven days which went all to soon for me.

These pictures were taken at Grandma’s. Al, Raymond Bill and I.


12 Important Picture James Probably on Skidmore after basic 11 Important Picture James with Carrie No Medals Screaing Eagle

Photo on the left appears to be James in uniform with his sister Carrie.

Photo on the right is clearly James in uniform with sister Carrier who is also picture in the dark dress.

Sister Mary is pictured in the hat below Carrie.

This is the only full photo we have of James in his uniform. If you look closely

you can see he has his paratrooper wings and his screaming eagle on his jacket.

He also has the classic lace up jump boots.  What a youthful face.




                                     11 IMPORTNAN PHOTO